Don't Waste a Drop

by Bones Jugs

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Don't Waste A Drop, Bones Jugs’ 2nd full length release, is a continuation of the bands’ exploration into the frontier of Americana music. The album is a potpourri of songs and sounds, blending new and old into a 21st century sonic stew. Yet again, Bones Jugs shakes up their unique brew of ragtime, dixieland, jugband, bluegrass, midwest porch music and the result is worth savoring, Don’t Waste A Drop!

The album was recorded, engineered and mixed by Jake Metz of Multimodal Productions, using his fully mobile state of the art recording studio. In January of 2016 Bones Jugs and Metz turned the living room and rehearsal space of Bones Jugs HQ into a recording studio, complete with 14-channels, sound paneling, studio monitors, many-a-microphone, and everything else needed to create the album the band envisioned.

Don’t Waste A Drop oozes originality, from the songwriting, composition, and arrangements to the eclectic acoustic instrumentation. The rhythmic backbone consists of a custom trap-kit, upright bass, and banjo or guitar. Colorful riffs and solos from the xylophone and steel drum weave themselves through, over, and around the sound. Then a menagerie of instruments including kazoos, whistles, bells, honkers, bones, jug, and more knick-knacks splash in and add a little flair, a pinch of spice. The band also featured some lead harmonica, fiddle, trumpet and trombone, all of which are new additions to that Bones Jugs sound. The quirkiness of Don’t Waste a Drop does not take away from the album’s musicality, as it is filled with hooks, grooves, and catchy lyrics crafted and executed with high-quality musicianship.

In their second full-length album, Bones Jugs delights listeners with a joyful and familiar sonic experience that inspires foot tapping, singing, laughter and curiosity. After the foot tapping and laughter has passed, and the final note has rung out Bones Jugs again leaves listeners saying “but, what it this?” It’s not pop, it’s not jazz, it’s not rock nor country nor bluegrass nor hip hop. Is it a new genre? Is there such a thing? Anyway about it, without a doubt, it is different, it is new, it’s a 21st century musical martini, a sonic cocktail for the modern listener. It's a party. It's for dancing, for listening, for enjoying. It’s for adults. It’s for kids. It’s for everyone. It's a frenzy of frivolity, a marvel of merriment. In short, it’s just loads of fun.

A menagerie of songs and sounds, blending new and old into a 21st century sonic stew. A brew of ragtime, dixieland, jugband, bluegrass, midwest porch music, and more! Enjoy with friends, with family, in the car, in the kitchen, at work, at play, night or day, sip, chug, gulp, pour over ice, take it neat, don’t waste a drop!
Recommended dosage: Yes.


released April 30, 2016



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Bones Jugs Urbana, Illinois

With quirky songwriting and blazing xylophone, Bones Jugs is sure to bring a smile to your face!

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